Advisor Spotlight: JC Bohin

Jean-Christophe Bohin ‘JC’: Entrepreneurial pioneer

JC’s expertise has powered the business development of countless startups and initiatives. He co-founded three startups across multiple sectors before creating Product Studio Matters, an incubator that looks after business development, product development, and associated services for established firms and early-stage startups. Their portfolio includes global tech giant Apple as well as Askeet and Teamstarter.

One-on-one with JC

Why is this project important for the crypto ecosystem?

  1. The founders have a strong background in finance and a profound understanding of crypto-money specifics and habits. They are result-driven, passionate, and have strong core values.
  2. They share and push a vision that embodies something that is really needed and is likely to become a game-changer, while still being viable and offering a real value proposition, with incentives for all the involved parties.



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