Kryptview Advisor Spotlight: Fabien Mendez, CEO, Loggi

2 min readMar 11, 2022


Our vision is supported by prominent tech leaders.

Kryptview is redefining knowledge generation for cryptocurrency by creating a one-stop-shop platform where users can access essential information about projects. The platform’s data is community-generated, backed by rewards and incentives, driving accurate and regular feedback.

Since its inception, Kryptview has sought successful entrepreneurs’ valuable insight and experience. Let’s meet one of them!

Fabien Mendez: Logistics Maestro, Tech Leader

Fabien Mendez is a global entrepreneur and the founder of Loggi. Established in 2013, Loggi is a Brazilian unicorn that eases deliveries for corporate partners, restaurants, e-commerce retailers, and private individuals by connecting them directly to drivers.

In 9 years, Loggi reached a valuation of c.$2 billion, with its most recent roundtable of $212 million and total funding to date of $500 million.

Before making the switch to his entrepreneurial endeavors, Fabien started his career in finance with JP Morgan and Ernst and Young. We are truly thankful for his support and guidance as one of Kryptview’s advisors.

“I have been following and advising Kryptview since its early days when it was just an idea! It’s a fantastic team that will bring transparent community-based information on tokens that crypto needs so badly.”


We aim to bring the best minds to help us take forward our dream for transparency and consolidation of information in crypto. We look forward to more exciting partnerships in building our platform’s strength and community’s trust.

About Kryptview

Kryptview aims to build a community-generated reservoir of data on cryptocurrency projects. Via analytical frameworks that produce a uniform rating system, Kryptview aims at collectivizing information about tokens and projects across all blockchains. The platform drives community feedback via a structured incentive system that rewards research-sharing.

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