Kryptview: First Alpha Phase — Prize Pool of USD 15,000

Objective & Selection Process

We are looking for users to test our platform during an alpha testing phase (April 25th to May 2nd, 2022).

  • USD10,000 worth of KVT will be distributed to the top 20 users based on their contributions.
  • USD5,000 will be distributed randomly to 50 participants who meet the pre-requisites mentioned below.
  • Applications start: April 1st, 2022
  • Applications end: April 12th, 2022
  • Selection of alpha testers by Kryptview: April 15th, 2022
  • Alpha testing: April 25th, 2022 to May 2nd, 2022

Applications Requirements

Prize Pool

The total prize pool distributed to the participants of the Alpha is USD15,000 worth of Kryptview Tokens (“KVT”).

  • 1st: USD3,000
  • 2nd: USD1,600
  • 3rd: USD1,100
  • 4th: USD800
  • 5th: USD500
  • 6th to 20th: USD200

Minimum required actions to qualify for the Prize Pool

Each selected user should perform the following actions to be eligible for the rewards distributed to the participants of The Alpha:

  • Write and share 1 full research on a token: 6 blocks, price prediction, and global opinion
  • Review 5 full research posted by other participants
  • Fill out the Feedback Form at the end of the Alpha
  • Follow Kryptview on Twitter: Link
  • Join Discord: Link
  • Join Telegram: Link

Ranking calculation

The ranking of participants (top 20 participants) will be established based on the ranking/experience system of Kryptview:

  • Each action on the platform yields experience points (converted into ranks)
  • At the end of the Alpha period, Kryptview will publish a ranking of the participants based on the experience points scored during the testing phase



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