How We Use Collective Intelligence to Rate Crypto Tokens

How community-generated knowledge powers the world’s first data reservoir for cryptocurrency

The heart and soul of Kryptview’s mission is community-sourced knowledge. We empower users to provide their insights on any project and reward their participation.

Kryptview is a one-of-a-kind platform that combines collective knowledge and dynamic analysis on cryptocurrencies, to create a bank of data on all cryptocurrencies in circulation. We believe in the power of community feedback in driving growth for a project while enhancing the larger user base’s trust in crypto.

Community-generated knowledge

An important asset of the platform is its knowledge generation. We rely on analysts, who provide their expertise on any new project that is listed on our platform.

How it works

Users submit their fundamental analysis of a crypto token via a form that has been engineered on the basis of due diligence frameworks used by private equity investors and venture capitalists.

Each research is subject to validation by community members, via their own research and factual analysis. Providing a wholesome outlook to any project.

If a piece of research is validated by the community (i.e. if there is a consensus between the contributor and validators), it is integrated into the platform’s database and reflected in the average rate of the considered token.

Rewards structure

Contributing to the platform’s rating generation comes with its own perks and incentives. For their dedicated contribution to our platform (whether it be researching or validating research), users will be granted ranks. These ranks give them access to certain privileges.

As their participation on the platform increases, so do their rewards. Users stand to win the platform native token $KVT and get featured on exclusive AMAs and special events. Moreover, users are rewarded with tokens on a weekly basis depending upon their contributions compared to the community.

The dream

We dream of consolidating community-generated data rich enough to drive user choices with analytical input: both from our end and our community. Cryptocurrency’s exponential growth requires an informed user base and that’s exactly what we aim to create.

About Kryptview

Kryptview is a data platform dedicated to community research and insight sharing on tokens and cryptos. It uses a Peer-to-Peer model and Blockchain mechanisms to reward users for generating rigorous fundamental analysis on cryptos. This data is automatically structured, reviewed by the community, and shared with all Kryptview users for better decision-making.

Research, Share & Earn!

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