Kryptview: Our Mission Decoded

3 min readMar 14, 2022


Sharing the roadmap for cryptocurrency’s directory of blockchain tokens

Kryptview offers a one-stop-shop platform for all to share structured research on tokens while being rewarded for doing so. It focuses on fundamental analysis, and combines user-generated research on tokens with a peer-reviewed validation system.

The vision

In the current blockchain ecosystem, information is often fragmented, subjective, unreliable and hard to find. Both experienced users and newcomers regularly remain vulnerable to scams and frauds.

Kryptview revolutionizes the way people interact with crypto by consolidating fundamental data about tokens across all blockchains in a single place. We bridge the gap between knowledge and users, via a comprehensive review framework, with the ambition to:

  • Reduce fragmentation in crypto
  • Introduce more transparency
  • Enable more informed buy and sell decisions
  • Protect crypto enthusiasts from frauds/scams
  • Reward contributors for knowledge-sharing

The mission

In the current fragmented crypto environment, we believe that a community-based and dynamic solution will not only drive interest in crypto, but also create an inclusive and more trustful culture.

Our community is put at the center of our model, in which our own users will generate a pool of knowledge for cryptocurrencies. The Kryptview platform has been designed to offer a gamified experience to our contributors. For each review they share or review, they will be rewarded with the native KVT token. The more they share, the more rewards they get. DYOR to Earn!

At Kryptview we are also convinced that sustainability is key to the future of the Web 3.0. Our platform will strive to support impactful projects, by promoting the ones respecting Environmental, Social & Governance criteria and having a real-world impact.

The future

The future promises exciting partnerships for our platform. We look to onboard the most effective and influential voices of expertise to provide cutting edge expertise as we look to introduce more transparency in knowledge creation for crypto.

About Kryptview

Kryptview aims to build a community-generated reservoir of data on cryptocurrency projects. Via analytical frameworks that produce a uniform rating system, Kryptview aims at collectivizing information about tokens and projects across all blockchains. The platform drives community feedback via a structured incentive system that rewards research-sharing.

Research, Share & Earn!

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