Kryptview’s Alpha 2.0 successfully completed!


We’re so proud to report a net promoter score exceeding 9/10! 61% of Alpha Testers used the platform almost every day. They further testified of several key points underlying, to their mind, the unique value proposition of Kryptview on the market.


But let’s not forget the prime purpose of an Alpha; obviously, things were far from perfect. We learnt a lot… And we are the kind of people who love to be proven wrong, because from there one can only grow further and stronger.

  • the increase in the percentage of approval needed for validation.
  • the incentivization of scoring novel tokens thanks to a gradual XP multiplication factor directly linked to the time since the latest scoring on that same token. The older the latest scoring, the higher the points potentially earned!
  • the increase in the weight of vote with higher rankings. Expert analysts thus safeguard the quality of the validated and published content, by ensuring a serious and controlled gating to higher rankings.
  • the computation of a similarity score, that automatically detects plagiarism and removes experience points (XP) as a systematic punitive measure. Suddenly it doesn’t appear that appealing anymore to unlegitimately “use” the scoring from other contributors.
  • the introduction of a slashing system, whereby experience points (XP) can be lost in case of poor contributions.


We are continuing to improve the platform with those important modifications decided as a result of the Alpha. In the meantime, we launched several initiatives to produce a significant amount of content. Our goal is to promote financial and Web3 literacy within the community throughout the summer through different tools, including the Kryptview Insight Series. This collection of Twitter Spaces welcomes KOLs in Web3 and adjacent domains, which are very little spoken about but without which the ecosystem could not exist…



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