Kryptview’s Alpha Testing Feedback!

An impressive engagement from our alpha testers

First, we would like to thank all our alpha testers that demonstrated so much engagement. We never could have imagined what we lived together over the last week: days and nights of discussions on our Discord, and so many positive and constructive feedbacks.

  • 1300+ researches posted, 80% of them having been validated by the community
  • 7800+ reviews performed by the community
  • 26+ researches posted per user, and 133+ reviews per user
  • 426 tokens researched in total, with an average of 2.5 research per token

A confirmed Product/Market fit, with an outstanding Net Promoter Score (9.45/10)

Overall, our testers praised the platform, granting us a 9.45/10 Net Promoter Score. They emphasized three key positive points: the platform is at the same time very educational, user-friendly and addictive.

Next step: the Beta platform!

We have already started implementing the feedbacks we received, to be ready for our Beta release in the end of May. Here are the key improvement points we will focus on over the next weeks:

  • UX-UI optimizations, in particular for the Research Wizzard & Review process
  • Adaptations on the Rewards & Ranking parameters
  • Correction of minor bugs



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