Run for dear life? Crypto scams examined

  • Create social media accounts with ALMOST the same name as the project you are interested in
  • Hack known accounts and post malicious links from them through direct messages or through announcements
  • Hack websites and redirect to their malicious system when you connect your wallet
  • Ask you to provide your private wallet key
  • Ask you to accept a transaction with the excuse of sending you money with the intent to drain your wallet
  • Create any combination of the above
  • the classical Rug Pull (the fastest of the three main types)
  • the Slow Rug (which can last for several months before the founders make off with the money — often with the excuse that the project has failed, when it hasn’t)
  • the Accidental Rug, which is essentially a synonym for mismanagement which leads to the project failing, but not necessarily in a premeditated way.



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